Your war is with Islam, this can no longer be hidden


By İbrahim Karagül

Turkey is facing multiple scenarios aimed at besieging the country, narrowing its space, weakening its resistance and even shrinking it. It is under joint attack from its traditional allies and traditional enemies. On the inside, it is terrorized by Kurdish nationalists; on the outside it is under threat and in fact under attack from the multinational coalition. Turkey, which is subjected to such a big showdown for the first time since its War for Independence, faces attempts to make it the victim of its claims, efforts to recover the region and a struggle to end the 100-year tutelage.

Division projects that started with the invasion of Iraq and are continuing with Syria are at our country’s borders and in fact spread into the borders. Plans of destruction will soon turn toward Persian Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. Maybe in the very near future, Lebanon will be dragged into the Syrian war.

Revenge attack and urban wars

While we are trying to build supra-national structures in our region, trying to obscure borders to create a new wealth from the common history and common culture and trying to end the colonial methods imposed on the region as though they are fate, they are trying to make existing country borders debatable.

This is a revenge attack. The response to your revenge attacks will be “ruthless resistance.”

As we push for economic integration, the spread of democracy and freedom, the search for joint defense and solidarity, the region is being divided into its fibers in preparation for urban wars and plans of division are in the making for all countries, all identities are being turned into reasons for war.

After a while, we may be made to face urban wars rather than civil wars, public wars or invasions. They are implementing such sinister, despicable plans that like our country, the minds and hearts of people who have been living together for centuries are being divided and the foundations of centuries-long separations are being laid.

We either win or shrink

This project is not specific to any country. It is global-scaled and targets the entirety of that huge map, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts where Muslim communities live. A superordinate scenario with no moral criteria and which can be affected by no alliance relationship, is being implemented step by step.

The misfortune of our region is that the crisis is thought to be limited to countries. While reasons are being produced based on the characteristics of every country, our minds are being taken hostage with lies. Those lies are imposed to us as our own realities and from time to time we are defeated by these impositions.

We are in the final stage of the 100-year-old Independence War. World War I is not over yet and we want to end the 20th century without being defeated and by gaining further strength. This is why the struggle is so penetrating, so destructive. We will either win or be divided. We will either grow or shrink. There is no way that they are going to allow us to remain in the current state. Either our cities are going to turn into ruins and Anatolia is going to burn, or we are going to reverse the direction of all these sinister winds and win the big showdown and change the course of history.

We buried so many empires in this territory

This is such a big breaking point that if we succeed, it will change not only the course of history in our region but the world.

Anatolia is going to be the stage for another of the greatest resistances of the 1,000-year-old history. Once more we are going to keep the crusader armies away from these lands. We are never hopeless, we will not experience another world war tragedy. All our cities, villages, all our patriotic people will each become a fort and start a new rising period from this region.

Look back at the eras of depression in our past. We are the inheritors of a political culture, insight, wealth and solidarity that are known to emerge from every depression as a great power. We are the people of a region where empires are destroyed, armies are ruined. Baghdad and Damascus alone have buried so many empires in history!

All empires that have pursued global-scale power throughout the history of humanity tried to rule this region and the region destroyed all of these empires. It is going to be the same again. History and civilization is going to take shape once again based on the will and resistance of the people of Anatolia and again, we will be the leaders of this rise. No power, no local element will be able to make the plan they set up over Turkey’s helplessness work.

Our allies sold us out, self-defense has begun

But there are notes we need to take one by one. Once this crisis is overcome, Turkey is required to redesign from scratch its alliance relationships, regional relationships, threat evaluations and political and economic priorities. The circles of alliance we have belonged to since World War II have betrayed us, cooperated with Turkey’s enemies and have started to shoot bullets at us while they need to be defending Turkey.

The transatlantic alliance is at the center of this. The US is at the center of this. Our traditional European partners are at the center of this. They sacrificed the strategic partnership with Turkey to the terrorist groups they formed in the region.

They all sold Turkey out to a terror organization. They all sold Turkey out for the North Syria Corridor. They all sold Turkey out for a pipeline project. Turkey, which took position based on the Atlantic-based threat perceptions protecting Europe for decades, has been opened to all threats and all these threats are especially supported against us.

Our “friends” are have now become the partners of dirty plans aimed at pushing us into a tight corner and even changing Anatolia’s map. The Turkish public is greatly disappointed in this sense and its trust in the US and Europe is being heavily damaged. The social memory has defined new threats and started to act with a deep self-defense reflex. This insecurity crisis will take long years to recover from.

PYD an ‘ally,’ Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist?

That is why we are going to judge this approach which sees everything belonging to us as enemies and wages war against it, and sentence it among ourselves and rethink our future based on these realities. The support of those who arm and consider an ally the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian wing, People’s Protection Units’ (YPG) in their attacks on Turkey and their terrorism in the country, while trying to list as a terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood, the Middle East’s sole democratic organization, is a striking case of being caught red-handed.

There was no doubt left whatsoever regarding the plans of the mentality that destroyed the first democratic success in the history of Egypt with a coup and responded to the demands for freedom of thousands of people with bullets.

The dirty targets in the minds of those who waged war against all that is local, honorable and associated with Islam, aimed at annihilating us all, have been deciphered.

We will no longer believe any of their security strategies, terror rhetoric or discourses on democracy and freedom. It is because we know this and have been following this process for 20 years that we are stating, “We are under total attack.”

Country by country, city by city, person by person

Then we are going to rebuild ourselves. We are going to keep our country alert. We are going to maintain the current state of our political mind. We will not cower or become intimidated. We will not allow the breaking off of even a hand span of Anatolian land. The era of regression is long over. No power can ever again subject us to such a tragedy.

We will not waste time with fancy words. We will not get lost among long-winded roads. The map has never been so clear. Whether it come through terror or “memorized rhetoric,” we will know how to face the betrayal on the inside as well as the waves of threat from outside.

We will fight country by country, city by city, street by street, person by person and negate this great invasion. They think they can only hit Turkey from north Syria and the southeast. But we are such a big map that when the time comes, they will see each street turn into a fort.

It does not matter how big the game is, it will be spoiled in Anatolia! This is the way it has always been!