Popular Islamaphobic Movies


Rules of EngagementRules of Engagement: This movie to Saheen is one of the most anti-muslims films as it encourages viewers to hate Muslim Arab. This movie was produced in cooperation with the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marines Corp. What made this movie so anti-muslims was that the opening scene of  marines gunning down  83 unarmed innocent Yeminis including  men women and children but in the end of the movie the U.S. Marines and the Marine Colonel who decided to kill the Yeminis  had justification for killing them as the cameral revealed that the Yeminis including the boys in girls in the crowd were hostile towards the U.S. marines and they were shooting to kill the U.S. Marines

The Executive DecisionThe Executive Decision: Portrays Palestinian Muslims as murderous “terrorists” killing innocent Americans including a priest. Muslim hijack a passenger jet, terrorize passengers, kill flight attendants and prepare to unload lethal nerve gas to kill millions in Washington D.C.  and the rest of the East Coast. Throughout the movie the equate Islam with violence. In one scene a Palestinian enters the London Marriott Hotel with the Holy Quran in one hand and a bomb in the other blowing up innocent victims. Movies like this reemphasize the idea that Muslims are religious fanatics that will do anything in the name of Islam and that Islam through its text breeds violence and hostility towards all that is non-Muslim

AladdinAladdin: One of Disney’s most successful animated movies is also at fault at promoting Islamophobic ideas.  Although this movie does not have the Fanatic religious extremists or Muslims hostile towards westerners it follows an older trend of portraying Muslims and the Middle East. This movie shows trends of older films portraying old stereotypes of the Middle East and Muslims. These stereotypes include a barbaric society, disreputable Arabs, and saber wielding merchants practicing barbaric legal practices like hand chopping, belly dancers. With a movie as popular as this it has a wide influence of the way young people would perceive the Middle East and in this case it would be that they are barbaric and savage people.